Climate Change The Game

All copies of the game are free today to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

Climate Change The Game

The Earth’s future is in your hands, but will you choose to save it?

A satirical board game about climate change

Each player in Climate Change the Game owns a major global energy corporation. Your goal is to crush your competitors by securing the biggest share of the Earth’s precious natural resources. But beware, as fossil fuel gets pumped into the atmosphere, the Earth will be battered by floods, famine, fires and the impending climate crisis will be harder and harder to ignore. Will you be able to reconcile your ruthless greed with the Earth’s natural limits. Or will your short-sighted self-interest spell doom for the world?

Climate Change The Game!

Now available to
print & play at home

While we are still working towards creating a physical version of the game, we’ve put together a print and play beta version of the game for everyone in corona virus lockdown. The beta version even has a “solo” player mode for all of you out there who are self-isolating.

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